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When you travel to Kentucky, you can always stay in a standard hotel, but if you stay one night in a historic and unique Kentucky hotel, you can choose a nice room or even a prison cell. There are so many great hotels in Bardstown, Kentucky, with amazing amenities, and some of the rooms include bragging rights that even pay you to spend the night in jail.

If you're excited about Louisville, visit these places and connect with the Kentucky Derby Museum. Stay at this hotel to learn more about the historic buildings in the heart of Bardstown, Kentucky, just a short drive from Louisville's historic district.

At the Women's Civil War Museum, visitors can learn about the different roles women played during the Civil War, including spies, nurses and secret soldiers. Here you can learn more about how the Civil War began and who the main actors were.

The Kentucky Derby Museum, located at 704 Central Ave., has a wonderful version of Hot Brown, including a replica of one of the most famous horses in Kentucky Derby history. Watch a sparkly fox mare raise a playful foal that can run as fast as a four-year-old horse in a race. You can also try hot brown at the Kentucky Derby Museum, located at 705 Central Avenue.

When traveling with four-legged friends, the spacious dog park will appreciate, and the property is only a few kilometers away from traffic - smothered pigeon smithy.

Travelers in Bardstown will feel that the region is full of history and no two shops or galleries are the same. While you'll find exciting sights in Bardstown, the city is full of antique shops, and downtown also houses an art gallery that houses modern photography and glassblowing, as well as an old bookstore where you might find some treasure. Along the old railroad road road there are many museums documenting the period, but a Bardtown vacation is perfect for studying the Civil War, as there are a number of exhibits on the history of the area, including the Kentucky State Museum, Kentucky Historical Society and Kentucky Museum of Natural History.

Old Bardstown Village is a collection of cottages dating back to the 17th century. This bed and breakfast, now listed in the National Registry of Historic Places, has been operated as a bed and breakfast since 1989.

The open turkey sandwich, created by chef Fred K. Schmidt, is one of the most popular dishes at the Bardstown Kentucky Hotel. Also known as the "Open Faced Sandwich," it was created in 1926 at the Brown Hotel in Louisville, KY.

Hot Brown was a hit and has been offered in the Brown Hotel restaurant ever since. Owned by David and Lee Brown, who founded the 21C Museum Hotels, they do a superb job with the gastronomy on offer in their hotels.

Most of the property resembles a prison before being converted into a beautiful bed and breakfast. The old world atmosphere is created by a combination of Old World architecture and modern amenities, as well as a mixture of modern and historical elements.

There are several other attractions in Bardstown where visitors can taste bourbon and learn about the history of bourbon making in Kentucky. If you're a real whisky fan, it's a must to visit the Jim Beam American Outpost during your Bardtown vacation.

If you want to try some local Kentucky food, order a bowl of burgoo to split, and the server lists miso coleslaw with a hot brown burger. We also had a great conversation with the guy who was as quick and can make you as good as you can with a burger. Our plan was to go to West Virginia when we left DC, but being so close we decided to swing and enjoy some of the best burgers in the state, as well as some great beers and wines. I don't need a review, it's one of my favorite restaurants in Kentucky and definitely worth a visit.

CafA (c) at Watterson Trail 10217 is a bit small and closes at 3pm every day, but the food is worth the time.

I have visited this place quite often in recent years and the service and food are usually wonderful. Of course, Kentucky Hot Browns are nowhere near as healthy as these, but Ramseyas in Lexington has some who can do the trick. The Brown Hotel has great hot tans, and I try to turn on the lights.

The crown jewel of the resort is the Jailer's Inn Bed and Breakfast, which is one of my favorites in the state year after year. The owners want you to feel right at home, and you are welcome to book a stay at the Inn. In fact, it is the only bed and breakfast in Kentucky that I continue to classify year after year. If you're a big fan of Kentucky Hot Browns and other Kentucky dishes, don't forget your stay at the Jailers Inn! The crown jewels of the resorts are the traditional and unconventional treatments that are offered.

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