Bardstown Kentucky Food

Much of the gastronomic ground we need to cover is in the domestic realms, where classic southern comfort food is served, so here's a guide to some of our best local delights.

Historic downtown Bardstown, Kentucky, is known as one of the 50 best small towns in the South featured in the book "A Thousand Places to See Before You Die." Known as "50 Best Small Southern Town" in my book, "A Thousand Places I Saw Before I Died," it is also home to the Bourbon Heritage Center, which offers its guests a full-service tasting room, museum, bar, restaurant and more. There is everything that concerns KY, from discounts on tickets to villas, to be part of everything that concerns Kentucky - from the Kentucky State Fair to Kentucky Derby Day.

Curated by the famous whisky author Fred Minnick, the whisky library contains over 400 American spirits, including one bottled in 1892.

If you're a little hungry, Star Hill Provisions' Café serves some of the best and most authentic Kentucky food. In fact, a trip to Bourbon Country is a great opportunity to sample the fine, mostly authentic Kentucky dishes, and the thirsty will get thirsty. Bardstown houses the largest collection of historic buildings in the United States, with over 1,000 buildings. First settled in 1780, it is on the National Historic Register and is the site of one of America's most important historical sites, the Kentucky State Capitol.

If you're looking for a vintage bourbon whisky to try, Bottle & Bond offers a wide selection of bourbons, whiskies and other spirits. They even offer a bourbon flight, which is a great option if you want to try a variety of local spirits or even a whiskey flight.

If you are on a Bardstown, KY Distillery Tour, you can share this experience with your friends and family. Grab your guide and you will share your journey with friends for many years to come. In the heart of the city, just blocks from the Kentucky State Capitol, they offer satisfying dining and drinking options. When you're done exploring the day, come back and share your experiences with us on our upcoming trip to Kentucky, Tennessee, Indiana, Ohio and Kentucky.

The menu includes over 150 different bourbon dishes and offers pan-fried salmon with 11 cheese macaroni that melt in your mouth. Be sure to pop by the # bottleandbondkitchenbar for some shrimp and grains and try some bourbon.

Barton's Distillery 1792 offers a free guided tour, which is available for one and a half hours on Saturdays. During the tour, guests can get a taste of Barton's famous bourbon and can expect a tour of the aging barrel house, the distillery tasting room and much more. All homemade wines and berries are hand picked and grown in Kentucky and can be purchased at the bar.

There are many distilleries outside Bardstown that also offer tours, including Maker's Mark and Four Roses. If you really want to experience the full Bourbon Tourism experience in Bardtown, you should visit some of the other amazing distillery experiences in the area, including the Kentucky Distillery Tour, Bourbon Tour and many more. The area is also found on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and other social media sites.

If you haven't been behaving yet and are fueling your bourbon, visit the Kentucky Distillery Tour or the Bourbon Tour from Bardstown.

Try Kurtz's Restaurant, where they have been serving homemade frying pan and deep-fried staples in a relaxed atmosphere since 1937, where locals enjoy a tasty plate of bourbon pork chops. Leave your favorite restaurant in the South with a slice of homemade cake that will soothe your sweet tooth, or you can forget all that and just get a classic cheeseburger and an old-fashioned milkshake. This includes fried chicken and ham, but what's good for you? 2011 has brought us the Kentucky State Fair, the Bardstown Food Festival and a number of other fun events.

The first place to hit the bar on the first day is Bourbon. So get your teeth into bespoke bourbon tastings and join the Bourbon Excursion, which includes a tasting by trained bourbon experts and everything you can expect from an original dinner - on - the train - including a four-course menu. On the tour, you can try a range of things at Bottle & Bond, from deep-fried Brussels sprouts to a bourbon and cheese sandwich, and one of my favourites is the walnut grilled chicken with its signature bourbon sauce. Bourbon enthusiasts who come will enjoy a unique menu of whiskey specialties and finish with a classic mint juice.

More About Bardstown

More About Bardstown