Bardstown Kentucky Attractions

Visiting the National Quilt Museum is somewhat unusual on our list of fun and entertaining activities in Kentucky, but there is a reason it has attracted more than 100,000 visitors. Downtown Louisville is one of the many good neighborhoods in Louisville to visit, and there are many good places in the city of Bardstown, Kentucky to visit for a great look at Louisville's history, culture and history.

While there, visit one of Lexington's major distilleries and visit the Kentucky Distillery Museum, Kentucky's largest and most popular distillery. It is a fantastic museum that can be visited even out of season, and while there you can drink bourbon and visit. If it's not bourbon or you just want to do something other than a distillery tour, check out the Arboretum for a nice view of the city.

Those who want to travel further than Louisville should head to Mammoth Cave National Park and enjoy the Kentucky countryside. Kentucky is up there, one of the most beautiful places in the country, in search of a unique and beautiful place to see Diamond Caverns.

This museum is open 24 hours a day and is also an extremely cool contemporary art museum that you can visit at any time of day. This is one of those activities in KY that is worth staying in this place for a weekend in the middle of your trip. Located on the previously discussed Red River Gorge, just a few miles from the Kentucky State Capitol, Natural Bridge Park is free to enter, making it a cool free thing in Kentucky.

Spend the day in the boutiques of downtown Bardstown, discover Kentucky's exquisite bourbon distilleries, explore Bardtown's historic roots and enjoy the glorious beauty of spring. Grab your guide and you will share this journey with your friends for many years to come!

Hopefully this list of the best things to do in Kentucky will help you find the perfect destination for you. We have also compiled a guide to where to go, visit, drink, eat and taste bourbon in Bardstown, Kentucky. If you love bourbon, check out the Kentucky Bourbon House website. From September to the end of the year - all year round - you can find more information about the events, guided tours, events and events of Bourbon House.

If you're not interested in the Bourbon Trail, we recommend you stop by a few distilleries - they all offer unforgettable experiences. Hand in Hand is our favourite distillery Woodford Reserve's Makers Mark, but if you have limited access to Sazerac distilleries or even a limited number of other brands, it is not a recommended bourbon distillery. This brewery outside Bardstown is its own, which is considered a "craft" distillery (Willett's is actually quite large, with a lot to see).

Barton Distillery is only 10 minutes from 3rd St. and Jim Beam is only 20, and both are visible when driving from Interstate 65 on Highway 245 to Bardstown. Frankfurt is also minutes from the Kentucky Bourbon Trail (r), and one of the main attractions in Bardtown is the outdoor musical Stephen Foster's Story. Sitting at the trail head of the Kentucky Bourbon Trail (r) are the two makers Mark and Jim Beam, who are both on the trail.

The crown jewel is the Bardstown Inn, a small hotel and restaurant in the heart of Bardtown imbued with the famous Kentucky hospitality. The hotel offers a wide selection of Kentucky bourbons, as well as local craft beer, wine and spirits.

Old Louisville is one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in Louisville to walk through, and you can also take a historic walk. Take the self-guided Old Louisville Walking Tour or take the free self-guided tour of the historic neighborhoods of Bardtown. There are many restaurants, shops, bars, cafes, restaurants and shops in the area, but it is a great place for a day trip or an evening out with friends and family.

Weathis is a charming Kentucky town known for its bourbon and a popular spot for a day trip to Louisville. Located south of Louisville, the main attractions in South Louisville are: Kentucky State Capitol, Louisville Slugger Field and Louisville Museum of Art.

The area is located on the south side of Bardstown and is located in the southern part of the city near the Kentucky State Capitol, Louisville Slugger Field and Louisville Museum of Art. It includes a variety of shops, restaurants, bars, hotels and a number of restaurants and bars.

Bardstown was also voted the best in the Best Weekend Trip category and it's getting better and better. New to Bardstown's distillery scene are Lux Row Distilleries and Bourbon Trail, both of which offer something unique to the Bardtown bourbon scene. Lux Distillers is a must-try, while the Bourbon Trail has a number of attractions for those visiting it as part of their visit to Bardville.

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More About Bardstown